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Coach and owner of Bush Babes Trail Running. Dawna has been a trail runner/ ultra runner since 2003. A certified trainer and coach since 1996 Dawna’s commitment and enthusiasm to trail running is contagious. Get ready for trail fun!

Owner of Bush Babes& Bro's Trail Running


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Adam started running at 40 years old. I was out of shape and decided to do a Tough Mudder with some friends. It was about 15km or so and thought I better see if I can run a few km. Well to start it was hell, it hurt, there was lots of jiggling going on and I thought why am I doing this!!! Well I finished the Tough Mudder and decided to join a learn to run 10km clinic. That's where things got better with some coaching. Since then I've run marathons, ultra's and worked with a few different coaches. I mostly trail run nowadays and try to get out 3-4 times a week with my 4-legged friend Chip. I love the exercise and the social part of running. Running is kind of like Vegas " What goes on the trail, stays on the trail"

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Randi loves hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking and trail running. I've been trail running for 10 years; 10 years of blisters, laughter, tears, peeing behind bushes, more laughter, loads of wildlife, frozen water bladders, eating lots of bacon, great friends, incredible views, more laughter and the greatest feeling in the world - exhaustion mixed with pride. It is so incredible to know that my body is able and willing to do what my heart wants. I am so thankful that I have friends adventurous enough to enjoy trail running and the outdoors with me!

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Hello my name is Brandy Martin. I'm 45 years old and so excited to be part of the Bush Babes and Bro's Trail Running group. This will be my 3rd clinic to be a leader. Since I have started trail running I have completed several shorter distances trail races, most recently this summer I completed 2-50km races as well as the inaugural Freaky Creeky; 25 km distance. 

Let's have fun!!!

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I initially started running as a way to lose weight.  A group of friends and I signed up for the Sun Run 10km and I happily jumped into the challenge.  Admittedly, I started out finding it hard to keep motivated.  Running doesn’t come easy for me, but I truly love it.  But what I’ve found over the years, is that it’s the consistent efforts, the building of friendships, and the time spent investing in your own health that make it all worth it. The hard runs got easier and my body got stronger.  I’ve since run 5 ½ marathons and  am currently training for my 1st ultra and a full marathon.  I love motivating and encouraging others to get active and especially find their own love of running.  I try to get out either on the road or trails 5 days a week and love finding new trails to run on.   There’s no better feeling than being outside with a great group of people being active and loving this life! 

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I have been running for about 6 years.  Growing up I was always a part of competitive sports but as I neared my 40's I needed a new experience and challenge.

I began road running but it wasn't until I discovered trail running that I knew I was hooked!

Being a part of Bush Babes has been amazing!  It introduced me to an inspiring and motivational group of individuals who have helped me with confidence and pushed me to run distances I never thought possible. Trail running gives me a sense of freedom and accomplishment.  It has truly changed my life.

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Michael has been athletic for most of his youth playing hockey to the junior level. He ran track and cross country in school and used running as a method of conditioning mostly until the last few years. Running the local trails recreationally has become more of a passion for Michael enjoying new friends and all the beautiful Okanagan has to offer.

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Eric started started running a year ago at a Bush Babes clinic.  While he occasionally ran prior to that, it was the Bush Babes clinic that got him hooked on the sport.  He loves the  outdoor adventures he’s had out on the trail and with the friends he’s made in the community of trail running. He’s since run several 25k races and just completed his first 50k at the Freaky Creeky 50.

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After years of running I can honestly say that throwing my running shoes on is still one of my favourite activities. Whether 5k or 60k or a stage race, I am always thankful and grateful for the ability to get out and enjoy the views. Equally as grateful to encourage new runners along the way. I also love to practice yoga, Pilates, road bike, walk my dogs, snowshoe, swim and hike. Bush Babes and Bro’s is an amazing club. Vernon is lucky to have Dawna and her gang.

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Hey, I am Megan (prounounced Mee-gan) and I am thrilled to join the Bush Babes & Bros crew after participating in several clinics and learning the craft of trail running.  I have been physically active all my life, enjoying a range of activities including figure skating, nordic and alpine skiing, snowshoeing, jiu jitsu, kick boxing, weight training, and running. My amazing sister-in-law introduced me to trail running in 2017 when I was struggling with anxiety and depression as part of undiagnosed PTSD. It was the most kind, welcoming atmosphere and has been a huge part of my healing journey. Honestly, I have been hooked ever since, completing my first 25k race last year with plans for more this year. What I didn’t know at the time was that there is a technique to conserve energy, prevent injury, and create momentum – who knew?!?! This is where Dawna and her amazing trail coaches come in. Whether you are a serious athlete wanting to improve for race season or you are a beginner looking for a fun and pressure-free environment to get active, this is the place. I love the energy, fun, commitment, and strength being a part of the Bush Babes and Bros has provided – come join us, you won’t regret it!

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Hey! I’m Sharla, this is my first year as a trail leader with Bush Babes & Bro’s and I couldn’t be more excited!

Running has always been “my thing”, but I only started trail running about a year and a half ago when I joined the fall clinic. Being new to Vernon it was a great way to meet new people and explore the areas trails. For me there’s no better way to escape life’s stresses than hitting the trails and enjoying nature. 

I love to travel, hike, explore new places and I’m always up for an adventure... and a laugh.

My biggest running achievement was completing the Freaky Creeky 50 last year. I’m looking forward to being part of the team that helped me achieve that goal!

Group Leader


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Hi, my name is Joy Cawley.  I’m 65 years old and returned to my love of running in 2014.  My first step was to join a learn to run program which led to running road and trail runs and races in and around the Okanagan.  Never a fast runner, I still wanted to do the best I could and have fun out on the road and trails.  I enrolled in the Bush Babes & Bros Trail Running Clinic in the fall of 2018 because I wanted to improve my technique and endurance.  What I found was a knowledgeable, inspiring, supportive, energetic and fun group of people who have taught me so much.  My favourite quote sums up my feelings about trail running, “Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”.

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