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When choosing a vanity, consider the fine details needed to bring about the right look in your bathroom. We install wood vanities of all kinds including birch, cherry, maple, oak, and hickory, as well as different styles — raised panels, arched panels, and flat panels. Storage : capacity is also important, so we can custom build a vanity , Copyright © 2022 Today's Homeowner Media These are all great times to digest new and easy ideas for decorating and updating your home. I would much rather scroll through my magazine subscriptions than social media for ideas and inspiration. With the magazines, it is just me, my creative mind, and the ideas on the pages of the magazine. I am not looking for likes, comments, or how many times something has been shared. The backbone of your home should be a brilliant combination of practicality and good lookscool finished basementsA finished basement is the perfect place for a family room or lounge area, especially if you want to keep your living room clean. Adding a basement family room to your home gives you and your loved ones a casual, comfortable space to gather and watch movies, read, play , video games, or just talk and relax without having to worry about keeping it spotless. It doesn't matter whether you plan to finish the basement yourself or have a contractor handle some or all of the work. You should put your ideas down on paper. You will need a detailed basement design. You may think that you've thought of everything and can describe it verbally to your contractor but there's probably another 50% of decisions yet to be made. Perhaps the coolest finished basements for kids we’ve seen lately are those that give kids their own little world. This can be done by taking a corner space of your basement and customizing it into a playhouse brought to life. """""""