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Business Up Front Party in The Back!

Now there’s an 80’s throw back if I’ve ever heard one.

We are talking races here

being a podium runner would, let’s face it, be amazing. But is that really where all the fun happens?

I think not, us mid pack, back packers have all the fun. I mean you can’t stop and take photo opts at the front of the pack, so where do you keep those memories of the events that you do? All you may have is a starting and podium picture (poor you). The rest of us have time to chit chat and make new friends, slowly peruse over the feed tables, high five each other with cool photo opts. Last but not least we have time to pull our pants down when we need to do our bush business lol.

Do they have fun?

I’ve only ever been on the podium once, and I’m here to you it was awesome! But the only photos I have are event photos, and memories from behind my eyes that I can’t share. I felt sick the last 30 km from pushing myself so hard and peed blood for 2 days (don’t empty your bladder fully in a 100 km hot race FYI). While it was nice to podium, it was the only race I didn’t make any friends, I was to tired to attend the dinner and dance, so no friends there either.

Party in the back and mid pack in my opinion is where it is at!! So, if you are ever beating yourself up about being there, think about how lucky you are whoop whoop.

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