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Race Review #2

At The Start

You are so excited and yet you have the nervous pees. All smiles, selfies, High 5ing all your friends, checking your gear/fuel for the 20th time and going over your race strategy with your running partner AGAIN.

Gun Goes Off And off we go! Sweet it's started! Now we can settle into our race plan and just run, chit chat, laugh and have a generally great time.

Everything is going great, your running along the weather is perfect and you are enjoying yourselves immensely.

The It Happens One minute you're cruising along....your shoulder checking to make sure your pace is good with your partner and BANG your down. You've heard the snap, you're on the ground, wait for it, yup there it is pain and lots of it.

Well @$%# Now What

You still have 6km to go to just finish your first loop. This scenario I'm sure has happened to a lot of us. What do you do? You don't want to let your partner down so you get up and limp it in playing that game in your head the whole way.. It's not that bad, as you bite the inside of your check bloody to not outwardly grown. If I tape it it will be fine, as it is swelling and filling your shoe to its max capacity. If I use poles it will be no problem...... yah right you can't run down hill at all.

Get a Grip Get ahold of yourself! You know you can't do it without taking all day, injuring yourself further and it's not fair to your partner. It's time to put your own feelings aside and encourage your partner on! They can carry on with your race plan, you can be there to cheer them on as they cross the finish line getting epic photos of them and all your other friends. Having to DNF a race is never fun, totally sucks actually. But being there for your friends as they cross the finish line is a truly rewarding experience

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