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Here We Go

As We Sit In The Nose Bleed Section

Heading to Germany for the TransAlpine, eating our in-flight paid meal, paying for wifi, and trying to wait out the beautiful flight attendant to get to the bathroom, the butterflies have finally kicked in, or wait is that gas?

My race partner (Alison) is obsessing about her luggage and what she did or did not pack, where she packed it and if she will ever be able to find anything. She's wants someone to invent an App that tells you what you have packed and where so that you don't have to pack and unpack 7 million times. I'm still waiting to go to the bathroom and she is still talking about her luggage lol. This may be a long 2 weeks. Aren't we a pair!

Playing Games

We are playing games like where is the best seat to sit. She says by the bathroom. SO not! I say in first class where we should be, away from the crying baby thats kicking me in the back. I say if he kicks a little higher it will be a wee massage for my sore back. We happen to be sitting right behind first class staring at the the 2 empty seats that they said were not available for upgrade........ or rather, not available to the "sale seat people"- lol.


Now we are going through the types of food we are going to eat when we get to Germany. All things that start with"Bavarian _____" will be first on the list. All meat found along the streets of Munich or the little towns near Garmisch will be consumed by ME. I'm super excited about the possibility of eating "all-things-wheaty" without the tummy-troubles that North American wheat gives me. It this is the case, I may be sending for my family to come and relocate with me!

Essential Oils are ESSENTIAL!

Baby behind me just filled his diaper. Feeling so grateful for Adrienne's beautiful travel-sized essential oil package. Thank you, friend! This has kept my lunch where it should be.

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