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Pre Race Gibbly Goo

Its 1 week out from the biggest race I've ever done, or even thought of doing!

People ask me if I'm excited, am I ready, do you feel trained enough?

Truly it's weird, at this time I feel nothing.


Is this shock? Am I truly so freaked out that my brain can't even comprehend whats about to happen?

I've spent a year planning, training, agonizing over gear and this race, and now that its here I feel nothing???

I clearly must be losing my mind.


This race is going to be amazing, 7 days running through the Alps in Germany, then Austria, then end in Italy, with a total of almost 300km and 16000 meters of elevations gain. I mean WOW what a gift this is to be able to go and have this experience and I feel nothing YET.

Wait for it

Oh I'm not worried, I've done stage races before and granted by this time I'm usually twitching with nervous excitement, but I know it will come. Even as I am writing this Blog I can feel the Butterflies start in my stomach.

Am I the anomaly or do others feel this way? Do you block out the pre-race emotions?

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