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Winter Trail Running

Do I Winter Run?

I get asked what I do in the winter once it's cold and there's snow. Uhh I run!!!!! SNOW SHMOW.

I get told I'm a little nuts but we all already know that! I also continue to wear shorts until about -5. I do have a line that I draw however, when it's -20 or colder I'm out. I've had a lot of great runs in the morning on the trails in -15 weather and to make these runs so great you have to be prepared.

Layers Are Key

Yes it's -10 but you'll warm up fast. The best base layer I can recommend is merino wool, stays warm when it's damp.

Winter Gear

Mitts are great when it's cold as they're warmer than gloves and you won't get the cold fingers, they're also great for hot shots if you get cold hands. Don't forget your favourite toque and a buff to go around your neck is a bonus as you can pull it up over your chin when it's cold.

Gortex running shoes are great, warmer than your average shoe and water proof. Me I just stick with my normal trail runners as I run hot and the wet feet don't bother me.


This is super important in the winter. Highly recommended are the Kahtoola spikes for deep snow or ice. For not to deep of snow, the Ice Bugs or Salomon Spike cross work amazingly. Or you can always take an old pair of trail shoes and put in sheet metal screws...

Lastly after your run get out of that wet running gear quickly, or to a warm location as your body temperature will drop fast after your run and that's a recipe for possible illness......and who wants a (man) cold?!

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