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Argentina Bound!

And It Begins

As I am about to embark on my latest race adventure, I am sitting in the airport going over lists in my head. I'm pretty sure that I didn't forget anything, my 2 massive suit cases can attest to that..


Normally before I race I spend about a week getting mentally and emotionally prepared for what is about to come. This time I have done none of that, in fact I have done the reverse.

I have thought about everything BUT the race!

I spent the week before flying to another city to be with two very sick parents, getting a urinary tract infection, sore tooth, family that has begged me not to go, then to fly home with all my flights being messed up, to rush around and do all the errands that I was to do before I left, to spend less than 24 hrs with my family and turn around and fly to Argentina. The Universe hates me..

Oh wah was poor me! No not really poor me I am going to ARGENTINA to run in the Patagonias whaaaaaaaaat....

Time To Prepare

I will have 24 hrs of travel time to prepare mentally for the race, so I will put my head set in and focus on what is to come, oh and drink gin, one must drink gin to focus!

Laugh So You Don't Cry

Well I have arrived in Argentina to no luggage, after getting off of the most minimalest plane I have ever been on.

Have you ever seen the stewardess take a can of some sort of spray and walk up and down the isles spraying it?? Yah me either, I immediately removed my head from the head rest and checked for lice...

I'm short and the seats were so close together my knees were hitting the seat in front of me. For 4 hours I got kicked in the back like I was in the movie theatre, and the poor lady behind me, every time she had to get up she would pull on my seat and almost fling me to the front of the plane when she let go.

It was actually very humorous, the people were very nice and I got to googoo at 2 baby's the entire way.

The lost luggage was humorous as well. there was 4 of us that had no luggage and because I could speak the language I was to go to the back of the line. After an hour of waiting, the nice lady took me around and pointed out all the luggage that was there so see if it was mine, uuuummmmmm pretty sure I know what my luggage looks like.

So one night with nothing but a tooth brush was my fate!

I was a little considered as all my race gear was in there and I was leaving for Villa La Angostura in not to many hours.

The next morning my lost luggage arrived and the world could continue to turn once more!!!!


When you travel, one really has to be prepared for things to go sideways. If you get to worked up about it you are the only one that will suffer.. Being kind to that flight attendant with the spray gets you extra coffee, and offering the lady whole kept kicking me in the back my pillow and blanket, made her so happy, then she fell asleep and no more kicking in my back. Smiling and playing with the crying baby rather than losing my mind, gave the poor baby and distraction, a break for a very grateful mother, and a baby that wants me to hold him YAH!!!!

And last but not least! Yes I was slightly annoyed to be put to the back of the Spanish speaking line, BUT being gracious and kind to someone who is just doing her job, gave her the willingness to take the time to phone all over to find my luggage, and personally phone me when it came in..

So Argentina I am here!!!! Are you ready for me?

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