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Ultra Training Through Menopause Week #1 Of Way To Many!!

As It Begins

As I begin my menopausal journey, god I can't believe that I am even at that age, that's my mother not me right!! I have been scouring the internet on how to maintain your weight, not feel so tired and grumpy, and ooooh so many other symptoms..

Yes the biggest advice is exercise.

But if your are like me, an Ultra Athlete you excises a lot already. Why then is your weight going up and your eating hasn't change? Why is it not controlling the mood swings, the night sweats, and fatigue why why why?

No Good Advice

Maybe it's just me and my lack of being able to google doctor properly, but I truly can not find much information for us already active people on how to navigate through this.

So, I have decided too navigate this live, try different things and write about them here on what did or did not work for me. Maybe this will help some of you not kill anyone who makes eye contact at the wrong time as well lol..

To Start

I have not a lot of motivation, which is strange for me as usually you would have to say,"yah I'm pretty sure a 3rd run in the day is a bit much". I have to force myself out for every single training run or workout. I'd rather run alone so I don't infect my friends and family with my Uber crankiness, and I love running with my friends, just not right now.

Then when I do run, the added weight, yes its only 7 pounds, but all runners know how this affects how you're run feels. I feel heavy, slow and my heart rate is through the roof and basically feel frustrated and like crap! WTH

The absolute worst part is that it isn't making me feel much better...

It's Not Me It's Them

I actually do know in my head that it is not everyone in the world that is the problem, (maybe lol) that it is how I feeling that is dictating my day, so I run, and run, and run. No matter how long, far or fast I run, I'M STILL THERE, I'm following me around, dang it..

I will continue to try to find ways to relieve the symptoms of crazy town and let you know what has worked for me. I really hope my struggles and sharing what has or has not worked for me, will help the next ultra runner looking for answers..

I wish us all luck!!!!

PS: If you have any suggestions on this subject, I would love to hear them.

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