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It's Almost Winter....Now What?

Well the weather is getting colder and you may be thinking it's time to hang up the running shoes for the winter. WHAT???? The cold temps and snow won't keep this guy from running! I'll be on the trails all winter however I have a limit as well. If I get up in the morning and it's colder than -15 I'm staying home and drinking more coffee.

Running in the fresh snow does have it's challenges. Don't plan on getting any big mile days in as your pace will be way higher in the snow. The trails do get packed out within a few days usually which will give you a nice firm trail to run on. Slushy days and spring days can be tough running as it's soft however the earlier you can get out in the morning the firmer the trails are. If you pick up a quality pair of spikes you don't even have to worry about ice!

What should I wear? Layers. Layers are key as it's cold in the morning but you'll heat up once you start running. You're going to want to remove a layer or 2.

Now running in the winter also requires the right gear.

- toque

- gloves (I have gloves and mitts for when it's really cold)

- buff

- merino wool under layers

- gortex shoes (I don't have these)

- wool socks

- winter pants/tights

- spikes for your shoes

- dog

Now there's items on this list you can live without but all or any of this gear will make your winter trail running experience amazing!!

Other great ways to keep active in the winter if you've had enough of running in the snow are snow shoeing and cross country skiing.

If you have any questions about gear don't be afraid to shoot us a message.

Happy trails!


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