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La Misión 100 miler

What An Amazing Experience

the La Misión 100 miler was an unreal experience.

I went into this race with absolutely no idea what I was truly up against

i was lucky enough to have a friend at the race that explained the route, helped me pack my pack, and help with race strategy.

Thank goodness because I would never have made it through this race without his advice and assistance

How Hard Is it

when asked how hard this race was in compairison to other races I have done, well im here to tell you it is epically, insanely hard!! But you should totally do it...

Not only is running 100 miles an adventure, but doing it in snow, super high winds, volcanic ash, rain, way to many icy river crossing to count, climbing over and under trees constantly, it was AMAZING!!!

I had so much fun running this course, the views were absolutely fantastic. I met so many amazing people that I hope to see in future races.

Being Canadian made the weather not feel to cold for me until I fell in a river around 2 in the morning. Sweet Jesus I felt the cold for the rest of the race.

The medics had great big fires that you could see from a mile away, with hot tea, friendly faces and encouraging words. All the volunteers and race staff were absolutely amazing!


I was 10 minutes away from the podium this year, I fully intend to return next year to take a spot.

Mucho Gracias to the race Directors, staff and volunteers for the amazing opportunity to run La Mision

See you next year!!!


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