About Freaky Creeky 50

Welcome to the Freaky Creeky 50 with 4 distances to choose from: 10km, 27km, 50km & 100km Trail Running Race located in beautiful Okanagan’s Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park, located virtually at the back door of the City of Vernon. In this trail running event we will take you through grassland dotted with ponderosa pine and groves of Douglas-fir, amazing lake views, and km after km of single track trail. Some gnarly climbs, rolling terrain and a cross between technical and cruisey descents we are here to offer runners a challenging & scenic race course that leaves you feeling exhausted but over joyed upon completion. This course is designed for all levels of trail runners, by trail runners, so you can expect priority to be placed on a challenging, crazy fun, well flagged, fantastically aided course with the mightiest of volunteers!

Online Registration Deadline

REGISTRATION OPENS: Nov 19th, 2019 REGISTRATION CLOSING: Sept 16th, 2020 You must be signed up not later than August 16th to ensure a swag bag and T-shirt

Entry Fees

100 km race early entry fee is $135 + GST 50km race early entry fee is $125 + GST 25 km race early entry fee is $90 + GST 10 km race early entry fee is $65 + GST You must register by Aug 25th, 2020 to receive a race bag full of goodies and be ensured a T-shirt size

Whats Included

  • Custom Race day T-shirt

  • Swag Bag

  • Finisher Prize

  • Local Artisan Jam

  • Fully Stocked Aid Stations/ gluten less Aid Station

  • First Aid

  • Kick Butt Volunteers

  • Amazing meal

  • Slush Machine

  • Massage

  • Music

Race Start Times

Saturday September 19th Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park- Twin Bays Parking Lot Pre-Race Briefing 100 km : 4:40 am Race Start: 5 am
Pre-Race Briefing 50 km : 6:40 am Race Start: 7 am
Pre-Race Briefing 25 km : 8:40 am Race Start: 9 am
Pre-Race Briefing 10 km : 9:15 am Race Start: 9:30 am Kids Piñata and Treasure Hunt: Sat Sept 19th 11 am
Awards: at Finish Line: 2:30 pm Cut Off Times The Freaky Creeky race Starts at 5am for the 100km runners and Finish is 2am. This gives you 21 hrs to complete your perspective event (All distances). You must leave the transition area by the cut off times below or you will unfortunately not be able to continue on and be considered a DNF. You must wait at that transition area for pick up by race staff. Please for your safety and our peace of mind, do not try to carry on if you have missed the cut off Aid #7 – Upper Big Ed, 9:30 pm
Aid #8 – Junction of Pond Loop and Soul Sister, 12 am
Finish line -2 am
We will be there to cheer you in no matter what time you cross the finish line, but if it is after 2am you will be considered DNF

Aide Stations

Due to Covid-19 our aid stations will carry the following tasty treats by pre order

We will be pre packaging items for you and placing them in plastic bins at the aid station of your choosing with your race number number on the bin.

The following will be available at the aid stations

  • Coke

  • Water

  • Electrolytes

  • Coffee

  • Broth

  • Hot Chocolate

The Following will be for pre order.

How do you choose your pre order? Not to worry we will be sending out an email a few weeks prior to the event where you will have a list to choose from.

  • Pickles

  • Nuts

  • Gummies

  • Rice cakes with nutella or peanut butter

  • Banana

  • Oranges

  • Watermelon (if available)

  • Potatoes with sea salt

  • Chips

  • Cookies

  • Peanut butter sandwich

  • Cooked noodles

  • Bacon

  • Gluten Free section

  • GF noodles

  • GF cookies

  • Mike & Ikes

If there is something in particular you prefer, please bring it with you.

Race Description

Trail Running Race 10km, 27km, 50km & 100km All 4 distances will have a challenging route that starts with a single-track climb, up to a beautiful full view south looking down Kalamalka lake. You will whined along a ridge with a stunning view of Kalamalka Lake before you all start another short climb. This is where the 27, 50, 100km runners must split off and take their own path, while the 10km runners continue to the head around the mountain all the way to The Wall, where you will enjoy a nice climb and climb, oh and did I mention the climb. At the top you will have a stunning view of the Cosens Bay area and the trails your crazy fellow runners have continued onto. The 27, 50 & 100km runners will continue down the Corral Trail taking a left turn onto Side Winder heading to Cosens Bay parking lot. Here you will take a right under the High Rim Trail arch running past Gingerly down into Bear valley to Beaver Basher. At Beaver Basher take a left turn and continue up to the kiosk, here you follow the flags and head onto Three Rings, Pond Loop and your first transition/aid station. You will then be directed around Pond Loop to start your leg burning, soul crushing climbs! 36DD, HRT, Purple Haze, Jimmy Thing, Big Ed to Dope on a Rope. Part way through Big Ed you will come to the turn for Dope on A Rope where the 27km will split off to the right and you will continue on your own. For the remainder of the race you will climb, descend and repeat all the while being treated to amazing single-track trails, views and whispering your love for trail running the entire way to the finish line for the 50km and the halfway point for the 100km racers.

Package Pick Up

Package pick up: Friday September 18th, 2020 3-6pm The Starting Block 3100 29 Ave, Vernon, BC V1T 1Z1 Saturday September 19th, 2020 Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park
Juniper Beach, start finish line up to 30 minutes before your event starts

Race T-Shirt

Rules and Cancellations

Participating in an Adventure Race, Trail Running Race, Or Race Training Clininc is a potentially hazardous activity.Registrants agree to participate only if they are physically able, have signed all waivers and agree to follow the rules for their own saftey, the saftey of the others racers and Volunteers. The Race directors of Bush Babes & Bro's Trail Running have the right to refuse the participation of any registrant if they feel there is a concern for the registrant's health or safety. As we at BB&Bro's Trail Running promote a positive event atmosphere, we hope all participants will conduct themselves with positive trail etiquette and assist fellow racers if injured or in distress. Course cutting and any behavior that puts yourself or any other persons at risk will result in being removed and disqualified from the event. As we are an adventure event company this event may not be limited to trails, trailrunning, and may include mountainbiking, and Stand-up Paddle boarding. The registrant agrees to assume the risk associated with such an event, such as but not limited to falls, poor weather condition, possibility of poor course condition, wild animals, contact eithother racers, volunteers and park users. BB&Bro's Trail Running, event directors, course marshals and trail leaders reserve the right to disqualify and remove and participants or volunteers that do not comply with the above terms and conditions, with NO recompence. These Terms and Conditions are for the participant's safety and the saftey of the other participants, volunteers, clinic members and park users on or off the course. Use of Images BB&Bro's may have photographers abnd videoographers capturing the images prior to and during the event. We reserve the right to use any images or video recordings taken of participants, spectators, volunteers, and clinic members during the course of the event without recompense the the individual. Prizes and Gifts Prizes and items for racers package pick up bags are sponsored and may change without notice due to availability. BB&Bro's reserve the right to change any sposored gifts or prozes without notice. We will do our utmost to replace the items with simular or same value item. Payment You are not considered registered until full payment is recieved Registration & Registration Numbers BB&Bro's reserves the right to change the registration limit for the race without notice, rules and or terms and conditions without notice. - Bids are non-transferable to another runner, rider or paddler under any circumstance. - You must register 60 days prior to event to be gaurantee an event T-Shirt - You may drop down in distance up to 7 days prior to the event. Refunds & Withdrawal Policy BB&Bro's that life happens, and comitting to an event 6 months in advance may prove to be challenging. With that said please read our refund policy carefully below. 90 Days from Event: - 90% deferral or refund of fee towards another single event in BB&Bro's Series - Redeemable within one calendar year from deferral date. - May only defer once 60 Days Prior Event: - 50% deferral or refund of fee towards another single event in the BB&Bro's Series - Redeemable within one calendar year from deferral date - May only defer once 30 days prior to race day as we have ordered and paid for all items needed to make your event spectacular, there will be no refunds, no deferrals, unfourtuntaly no exceptions. Race Cancelation Policy If the race is canceled for any circumstances out of BB&Bro's control we reserve the right to make the decision of % for deferral and or refund at that time.

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