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Fall Virtual Clinic

Virtual maintenance clinic

FALL 2023 
August 1st - Nov 22nd, 2023

This clinic is a great time to work on those areas of your running that you would like to see improvement.

Many runners have had a big season of racing, riding and general activity over the summer months, now is the time to allow the body to recover and re-build strength for your future seasons plans. 

In this clinic we focus on running maintenance, strength, mobility, focused run strength techniques for, speed, hill work, tempo, and descent training.

Your long runs will top out depending on which running distance you choose below:

10-15km - 1:30 hours by end of the clinic 

25km - 2 hours 

50km - 3 hours


  • August 6th to September 1st, getting and keeping you ready programming

  • September 1st to November 22nd, full online weekly programming with homework

  • Intake form to assist in assessing your goals

  • Comprehensive training program on Google Calendar 

  • Weekly emails starting September 1st with what is happing in your program and what to expect for your next week of training

  • Unlimited email to coach to assist with your goals

  • Private Group FB page where you will find Educational Videos, Links to great informative websites, you can interact like minded runners, share your photos and journey, as well as ask questions and leave comments.



Email content


  • We will work on the importance of core and strength training

  • Cover trail and wildlife safety, respecting our forests and trail etiquette.

  • Nutrition and Hydration, how it helps or hinders your training

  • Learn the benefits  HRT (heart rate) and or RPE (rate of perceived exertion) Training

  • Lactate training and more

Start Date:

August 6th - November 22nd, 2023

Cost - $275

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