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Soup 2 Nutz

About Soup 2 Nutz

What is Soup 2 Nutz you ask?

Soup 2 Nutz is the newest child of the Bush Babes & Bro’s Trail series. A super fun Mountain Bike Ride/Trail Running event that can be done solo or as a team! Soup 2 Nutz Duathlon is Mountain bike and Trail Running combined at it's greatest! Far removed from civilization this event begins at 5500 feet where the air is sweet and crisp. This event consists of some of the best trails Silver Star Mountain Provincial Park has to offer, rolling overrugged double track, fun flowy single track, tough climbs and some sweet descents. This exhilarating course will test your skills and fitness as you explore the terrian of Silver Star Mountain Provincial Park.

Online Registration Deadline

You must register by June 1st, 2022 to be ensured a race bag full of goodies and your T-shirt size.

Entry Fees

Early Registration: December 1st 2021- May 1st 2022 26km Solo race early entry fee is $125 + GST
26km Team race early entry fee is $250 + GST Participants must be 19 years of age or older on race day. Relay runners will register individually and include their team name in the registration process, legs will need to be confirmed prior to race day. The first person to register, will register the team name, once the team name is selected, the system will automatically place update a spot for remaining team member.

Whats Included

  • Custom Race day T-shirt
  • Swag Bag
  • Finisher Prize
  • Local Artisan Jam
  • Fully Stocked Aid Stations/ gluten less Aid Station (Aid stations are subject to change due to Covid-19 ever changing policies)
  • First Aid
  • Kick Butt Volunteers
  • Catered Meal
  • Music
*Portion of Race Entry Fee to North Okanagan Cycle Society

Race Start Times

Silver Star Provincial Park Sovereign Lake Nordic Center Saturday July 16th, 2022 Bike Drop Off/Check in: 6am -8am Pre-Race briefing: 8:30am (see below)
Solo & Team race Start: 9am Food: from 11pm-3pm
Massage & Chiro: from 10am-3pm
Music: 10am-3pm
Awards: at Finish Line: 1:30pm Pre-Race Briefing- 30 minutes before race start at Start/Finish line. Briefing is MADATORY for racer knowledge and saftey Please follow all Covid saftey signs where applicable

Aide Stations

Our aid stations carry the following tasty treats:

  • Coke

  • Water

  • GU Gels

  • Electrolytes

  • Fruit

  • Pickles

  • Nuts,

  • Chips

  • cookies

  • Peanut butter sandwich

and much more, if there is something in particular you prefer, please bring it with you.

Note: We may be changing how our aid stations take care of you and your nutrional needs during our events. Please stay tuned for updates as the year progresses, but be assured, there will be food and it will be awesome!!


Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions/Rules & Regulations

Please read this section very carefully

Race is open to anyone 19 years of age by event day, is in good health, has agreed to the Terms and Conditions, and is physically able to participate.

No E-bikes in any Bush Babes & Bro’s Trail Running Events


  • The event course is on Provincial Parks Land with designated sensitive areas

  • You must stay on the trail at all times.

  • Short cutting is strictly prohibited due to potential damage to vegetation, and potential wildlife along the course.

  • Absolutely no littering along the course.


  • If during the race, participant encounter another runner or staff member who is injured or sick and unable to move on their own, please give priority to assisting that person by telling race staff for assistance.

  • First Aide attendant will be located at the start finish area. All aide stations will have some first aid supplies and communication to race aide stations. Please note that, depending on the remoteness of the area, it may take a long period of time for help to reach participant.

  • If participant receives first aide assistance from first aide attendants, please make sure that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. As your health and safety is important to us, please contact the race director after you have seen a medical professional to update us on your condition.

  • First Aide attendants, course marshals and aide station captains have the authority to stop a racer from continuing the race, for injury, breaking the rules or they have missed the cut off time. This will be done by keeping you at the cut-off point and calling for removal. Please remember these are volunteers and our rules and regulations are in place for your safety.

  • If participant wishes to drop out of the race, you must do so at the nearest aid station. Please DO NOT cut the course to get to that station. Please stay on the marked course for your safety. Depending on your condition, an emergency evacuation may be required. This evacuation will be at the expense of the person being rescued.

  • In the case of an emergency, if you are unable to reach the nearest aid station, or finish line, you will be provided with an emergency number to contact our staff for assistance.


  • Food and drinks will be provided at Aid Stations/Check points, if you have special dietary needs please ensure to provide for yourself.

  • It is the racers responsibility to ensure the check point captain has written your number down to show you made it through the check point, this is not only for race recording but for your safety.

  • Please be patient at check points as due to personal distancing this may take a litte longer than usual

  • The food and drinks at the aid stations are only for the racers.

  • Sorry no pacers.


  • In order to ensure race safety, race organizer will prepare and arrange for rescue and medical assistance during the race. However, each participant must recognize and understand that there are risks that may result in injuries and/or accidents associated with adventure racing. You are responsible for yourself and will be participating in this event at your own risk.

  • First aid tent staffed by a first aid attendant will be located at the start finish area. All aid stations will have minimal first aid supplies.

  • Please note that, depending on the area, it may take a long period of time for help to reach you. We will do our utmost to reach you in a timely fashion.

  • If you receive emergency medical assistance from a First aid crew, please make sure that you get examined by a medical professional ASAP.

  • Race marshals, aid station captains and rescue staff have the authority to stop a racer from continuing the race if it is deemed dangerous, you are injured, not following the rules or have not made the cut off time.

  • Depending on your condition, an emergency evacuation may be required. This evacuation will be at the expense of the person being evacuated.

  • Dropping Out at An Aid Station: Tell an aid station volunteer that you have decided to drop out of the race, please remain at that aid station for pick up.

  • Dropping Out Along the Course: If you are able to move on your own, please make your way to the closest aid station (either return to the aid station you just left or go the next aid station). If you are unable to make it without assistance, call first aid station at start/finish line (number will be provided) and follow their instructions. It may take time to get help out to you if you are out on the race course so please ensure you have the mandatory gear to keep you warm.

  • If you decide to drop out of the race, you must do so at the nearest aid station/check point so that racer check in can be notified. This is for your safety. Once you have dropped out of the race, you will be considered DNF. Remember to keep your race number with you as you will need it to retrieve your drop bags


  • The racecourse will be marked using marking flagging, reflective flagging for darkness, tape, powder, and signs. Race marshalls will also be positioned along the course. We make every effort to clearly mark the course, it is the participants responsibility to watch for the markers.

  • For your safety, racers will be stopped at road intersections to make sure it is safe to cross. Please follow the directions given by the race staff at these intersections.

  • The above signs, flagging and markers will be set up just before the race and will be removed after the last runner has gone through.


  • Water Reservoir min 500ml (you must carry a minimum of 500ml of water at the start line and for refill in indicate aid station). MADITORY

  • Cell phone, small amount of emergency food. MADITORY

  • Small first aid kit, whistle, pain medication, and antihistamine. RECOMMENDED

  • If you are participating in a Mountain bike/Trail run event you must wear a helmet whilst on the on or near your bike, minimum 500ml of water on the ride.


  • Race marshals present on the course, and those in charge aid stations are authorized to uphold the rules and regulations. They have the right to remove a participant for non-respect of volunteers, other racers, Short-cutting the route, Lacking mandatory safety equipment, Throwing garbage on the route, Not wearing bib number, Departure from a check point after the cut off time, Not passing through a check point, Using a pacer, receiving outside assistance (unless ill or injured), and Causing safety issues for themselves or others during the event.

The Race Director has ultimate authority in regard to all rules, their interpretation, and their enforcement.


  • You understand the unique nature and requirements of competing in an adventure event. You may be competing all day and night through varying terrain and have undertaken the necessary training to compete in such a race.

  • You will be responsible for yourself and have the ability to deal with any problems that may be encountered during the race.

  • You are able to deal with, on your own without assistance, deteriorating weather conditions such as low temperatures, strong winds, ruff water, and rain.

  • You are able to deal with extreme fatigue, digestive problems, muscle pain or cramping, and mild physical injuries on your own.

  • You are fully aware that when participating in an outdoor activity such as this event, we do our utmost to ensure your safety, but your ultimate safety is your personal responsibility and depends on your own skills and abilities.


  • Non-deliberate damage to property by race participants (e.g. plants and animals, objects, trails, etc.)

  • Marking and location of signs identifying the racecourse.

  • Race safety management.


The race organization reserves the right to cancel or cut-short the race for the following reasons

  • The inability to ensure event safety due to risks such as landslides, extreme weather, extreme water conditions, or Pandemic

  • In such a case of natural disasters, or the racecourse cannot be changed to continue the race, the race will not be postponed to a later date.

  • The decision as to whether or not the race will be canceled will be made on the day before the race or on the day of the race. This will be communicated via email and social media channels.

  • In the event of fire, flood, or dangerous weather conditions the race organization reserves the right to make judgments and decisions regarding the shortening/canceling of the race, whether or not there will be refunds, the amount, and the method of communication.

  • Pandemic Restrictions

Race Description

Held at the Stunning Silver Star Provincial Park! A Mountain Bike, Trail running adventure race located on the amazing trails of Silver Star Mountain Provincial Park. Located virtually at the back door of the City of Vernon, where we boast some of the most epic trails Vernon has to offer! In this duathlon we begin the event at lung gasping 5,200 feet, where you will be treated to flowy decents, gnarly climbs and views of the beautiful Monashee Mountains. We are here to offer all levels of athletes a challenging & scenic race course that leaves you feeling overjoyed upon completion. Like all other Bush Babes & Bro’s Trail Running events you can expect priority to be placed on a challenging, crazy fun, well flagged, fantastically aided course with the mightiest of volunteers!

Package Pick Up

LOCATION DAY AND TIME SUBJECT TO CHANGE DUE TO COVID-19 Package pick up: Friday July 15th, 2021 3-6pm @ Sun Country Cycle, 1340 Kalamalka Lake Rd, Vernon, BC V1T 6V2 Saturday July 16th, 2021 Sovereign Lake Upper Parking lot, Start/Finish line up to 30 minutes before your event starts

Race T-Shirt

Rules and Regulations

Participating in an Adventure Race, Trail Running Race, Or Race Training Clininc is a potentially hazardous activity. Registrants agree to participate only if they are physically able, have signed all waivers and agree to follow the rules for their own saftey, the saftey of the others racers and Volunteers. The Race directors of Bush Babes & Bro's Trail Running have the right to refuse the participation of any registrant if they feel there is a concern for the registrant's health or safety. As we at BB&Bro's Trail Running promote a positive event atmosphere, we hope all participants will conduct themselves with positive trail etiquette and assist fellow racers if injured or in distress. Course cutting and any behavior that puts yourself or any other persons at risk will result in being removed and disqualified from the event. As we are an adventure event company this event may not be limited to trails, trailrunning, and may include mountainbiking, and Stand-up Paddle boarding. The registrant agrees to assume the risk associated with such an event, such as but not limited to falls, poor weather condition, possibility of poor course condition, wild animals, contact eithother racers, volunteers and park users. BB&Bro's Trail Running, event directors, course marshals and trail leaders reserve the right to disqualify and remove and participants or volunteers that do not comply with the above terms and conditions, with NO recompence. These Terms and Conditions are for the participant's safety and the saftey of the other participants, volunteers, clinic members and park users on or off the course. Use of Images BB&Bro's may have photographers abnd videoographers capturing the images prior to and during the event. We reserve the right to use any images or video recordings taken of participants, spectators, volunteers, and clinic members during the course of the event without recompense the the individual. Prizes and Gifts Prizes and items for racers package pick up bags are sponsored and may change without notice due to availability. BB&Bro's reserve the right to change any sposored gifts or prozes without notice. We will do our utmost to replace the items with simular or same value item. Payment You are not considered registered until full payment is recieved Registration & Registration Numbers BB&Bro's reserves the right to change the registration limit for the race without notice, rules and or terms and conditions without notice. - Bids are non-transferable to another runner, rider or paddler under any circumstance. - You must register 60 days prior to event to be gaurantee an event T-Shirt - You may drop down in distance up to 7 days prior to the event. Refunds & Withdrawal Policy BB&Bro's that life happens, and comitting to an event months in advance may prove to be challenging. With that said please read our refund policy carefully below. Sign up - 90 Days from Event: - 90% deferral or refund of fee towards another single event in BB&Bro's Series - Redeemable within one calendar year from deferral date. - May defer if space is available - May only defer once 89-60 Days Prior Event: - 50% deferral or refund of fee towards another single event in the BB&Bro's Series - Redeemable within one calendar year from deferral date - May only defer once 59-44 Days Prior Event: -30% deferral or refund of fee towards another single BB&Bro's Event - Remdeemable within one calendar year from deferral date -May defer only once 45 days prior to race day as we have ordered and paid for all items needed to make your event spectacular, there will be no refunds, no deferrals, unfourtuntaly no exceptions. Race Cancellation Policy If the race is canceled for any circumstances out of BB&Bro's control the above refund policy will come into effect. This will include cancellation due to pandemic restrictions

Racer Information

Soup2Nutz Race Day Run starts first followed by the ride Location: Silver Star Provincial Park! (Sovereign Lake Nordic Center) There is lots of parking. When You Arrive: Go to Package Pick-Up and check In DON’T LEAVE PACKAGE PICK-UP WITHOUT Race Number Wrist Band- Gets you into staging areas

  • Only racers with wrist bands will gain entrance into the bike staging area
  • This is also your food ticket
Racer Token- Do not loose your token!!!
  • Token will be handed to team riders by team runner as they come thorugh trasition to enable them to head out on their ride
  • Token will be handed over at the finish line for your racer reward
  • Tokens will be exchanged for draw prize tickets.
Treat Bag
  • Filled with goodies for you
  • If you have purchased extra food tickets, hats, or t-shirts they will be given to you at this time.
At package pick up we strive to get all racers through the process as quickly as possible. We are pleased to provide a separate table with lovely volunteers to answer any and all questions you may have. After You Have checked in:
  • Bike Drop-Rack your bikes
Please proceed to the bike staging area by follow signage to the fenced biker coral. Your wrist band will be checked and you will be guided to a pre numbered rack, where you will have space for your bike and a spot for your gear bin. When you are coming back in from your ride section, there will be signage and a race marshal indicating where to dismount your bike and walk/run it in. If you are on a team, your team mate will be awaiting you to rack your bike, bring them your race token to the holding area. WALK BIKE OUT OF STAGING AREA TO START FINISH BEFORE, AFTER AND DURING THE RACE! Start of race:
  • Runners go to Start/Finish
  • Make sure you have your token!!!
Riders go to Start/Finish
  • Anticipate your runners coming in at the Start/Finish, be ready to receive the token so you can then get your helmet and bike from the staging area and start your portion of the race.

Covid-19 Policies

BB&Bro's will be following the most up to date Provincial Health Guidelines. Please refer to link below for more information. LINK


Link to waivers