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Private Personalized Coaching

You're one step closer to meeting your fitness goals!

 Having a coach is not just for those who want to race. You may be new to trail running and unsure of how to get started, or maybe you are coming off of an injury and need a little help working your way back to trail running!

Dawna is here to help you achieve your goals with over 20 years experience as a certified trainer and coach since 1996.  Dawna’s commitment, knowledge, and enthusiasm to trail running is professional and contagious. 

Her objective is to understand as much as she can about your personal history, goals, plans, work/life balance, and more to develop a supportive and comprehensive training plan that is custom tailored to help you reach your goals. 


After our initial meeting and the questionnaire is completed, you will receive the first phase of your training plan! You can expect to see detailed instructions for each day including projected mileage, pace, workouts, long run times, races, other life commitments, cross training and more. Communication is continuous and unlimited as we work together to develop training strategies, review specific workouts, talk through the physiology of workouts, run nutritional planning, footwear advice, cross training advice, and running form discussions.

What’s included


  • Video Chat before your program starts to help set goals and expectations

  • Weekly emails of what is happing in your program and what to expect for your next week of training

  • Weekly home work

  • Training Peaks program

  • Option to one Zoom or phone chat a month with coach for questions and assistance with your goals

  • Unlimited email to coach to assist with your goals

  • Private Group FB page where I will post videos, you can interact with others, share your photos and journey, as well as ask questions and leave comments


Please fill out the running assessment questionnaire, once your questionnaire is complete, We will schedule a phone consultation with you to review your assessment responses and discuss any other further questions at that time.


(Six-month commitment required)

How this works


  1. Contact Me via email to set up a phone consultation.

  2. Phone consultation to discuss your goals and my coaching style.

  3. Log into Bush Babes & Bro's website to purchase your package.

  4. Look for welcome email and coaching invite to training peaks.



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