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Bush Babes Bingo

We all need a little motivation during those short dark days of winter!

Welcome to our Bush Babes Bingo Winter Challenge Starting on January 21st, 2024

Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 1.49.55 PM.png

We all know how to play BINGO, but do you know how to play Bush Babes Bingo?

Here’s the low down so that we all know!

•You donate a minimum of $5.00 to your local Trail or Mountain Bike Society, send us a copy of your receipt and we will send you your PDF Bush Babes Bingo card.

•You’ll notice that your unique card will have 24 boxes of numbers plus the all-important Free middle square (number descriptions below)

•We will draw 5 ‘activities’ on Saturday post them on the BB&Bro’s Weekend Warrior Facebook page and Instagram.

•You then have from Sunday to Saturday to do those 5 activities, but they need to be done IN ORDER of how they were drawn.

•Once you do the activity, take a picture of your Strava and upload it to the BB&Bro’s Weekend Warrior FB page.

•Then you get to Bingo Dab that square!
•You can only do one activity a day unless otherwise stated for that day’s activity

•Prizes will be drawn from and awarded to those who complete and post on the same day

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