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Fall 2023 Clinics

15KM, 25KM, 50km
Maintanence Trail Running Clinic- 
Wednesday Evenings 6pm, Saturday at 7:30 am
FALL 2023 
August 6th - Nov 15th, 2023

This clinic is a great time to work on those areas of your running that you would like to see improvement.

Many runners have had a big season of racing, riding and general activity over the summer months, now is the time to allow the body to recover and re-build strength for your future seasons plans. 

In this clinic we focus on running maintenance, strength, mobility, focused run strength techniques for, speed, hill work, tempo, and descent training.

Your long runs will be at different locations consistent with weekly training focus, on mostly single-track trails.

See Run Times Below: 

10-15km - 1:30 hours by end of the clinic

25km - 2 hours 

50km - 3 hours


Your Coach and Trail Leaders are here to help prepare you for feeling confident and safe with your trail running abilities in multiple distances while running with confidence while having fun!


We have paced groups for all running abilities!!

Clinic Cancellation Policy

Please read through the cancellation policy carefully on the purchase page before proceeding with registration.

Must be 19 years of age to participate


August 6th to September 1st, getting and keeping you ready programming

September 1st to 19th, full online weekly programming with homework

September 20th - November 15th, in-person with weekly homework and programming

COST: $275

Class are Wednesdays 6pm / Saturday 7:30am

  • Trail Runners

  • Hydration bottles, vest or pack

  • Watch for timing

  • Head lamp

  • Poles are optional

  • Crampons optional but recommended if there is snow

  • 15km- 30 min Running fitness level

  • 25km- 1hr Running fitness level

  • 50km- 1:30 Running fitness level

  • Maximum 50 Participants

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