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Meet the Bush Babes & Bro's Race Team

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The Starting Block Vernon

Our Team Mandate

We are a group of regular people and average runners that want to encourage, support, and inspire others in the running community to keep moving forward and reaching for your personal potential. 

You don't have to podium, be the fastest or a super athlete to race or be part of a race team, our team members are regular runners with the same challenges as most runners out there.

Like you we work, have family's, and schedule our training in-between our life commitments.

Some of us are fast and some of us are not, all of us enjoy the challenge, have fun supporting each other at events and receive great joy by supporting others.

We all start in the same place when it comes to running, so we get you...

Keep going and celebrate every step.


Michael has been racing for 7 years. Over the last 2 years he has branched out in to the Ultra seen and looking forward to a great season with his team mates.


Dawna has been Ultra racing for 20 years.
After a 1 year hiatus, she is back to full time training while hosting her own events and coaching.


Diana is relatively newer to Ultra racing but not to ultra distances. 
Diana doesn't need a start line to motivate her to complete amazing adventures, her latest being Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon


Eric started his racing career a few short years ago.
In that time Eric has become an accomplished racer not just at the ultra distances but everything from 5km to 125km.


With hard work and dedication Sharla raced her very 100km distance this year reaching the podium on her first try.


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