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Besides the fact that for most of us running is an enjoyment, it keeps us sane. Having an excuse to buy cool winter running gear (but who needs an excuse right) there are some great physiological effects as well.

We say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Winter running yet slower paced is great for strength, stability, and core. When you are walking or running across a slippery or uneven surface you are tensing and releasing thousands of muscles, strengthening the stabilizing muscles and tendons in your ankles, feet and calves. By the end of your run you will feel like you have been lunging for a mile, so when you transfer onto that same dry trail its a you will be that much stronger and faster.

Core muscles are more than just your six pack, it connects into your spine, waist, entire abdomen, and lower back, so as you are flailing your arms about trying not to land on your behind think tight core tight core tight core….

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