Don't Be Afraid!

As many of you know I teach Trail Running Clinics. One of The biggest hurdles that I come across is fear. Fear of not being able to keep up, fear of not being a good enough runner, fast enough, talented enough, and that absolute biggest fear 'HOLDING OTHER PEOPLE UP'. I put these words in shouty letters because even now with all my many years of trail running I still occasionally struggle with that particular fear. Fear Is The Destroyer of All Misgivings and fear is perfectly normal reactions to new situations, it's how we deal with those feelings that will make or break your experience when you are learning to run, or advancing your fitness and knowledge in trail running. You come to a clin

Training While Working

Training For an endurance event while working a physically/emotionally demanding job can be tough. Does your job involve long hours, night shifts, early shifts, swing shifts, physical, or is emotionally demanding? As if training isn't hard enough, you now have to factor in all of the above, plus family and life. By training smart and utilizing your training time specifically, you can still look to complete your desired event while actually enjoying the process with a few simply tips. Exercise - Try to get your workout in before you go to work. This can be difficult especially if you are working an early shift. If you can make the sacrifice to get up early it will ensure you get your workout

That One Thing You Need To Do......

What is it??????? It's that one thing that we all know we need to do post run. That thing we say, "oh I'll do it after I eat, I'll do it after I have coffee, I'll do it after I shower, I'll do it after my hot tub, I'll do it after"......................... And then we just don't make the time to do it. STRETCH!!!! Yes that's it It's kind of the dirty word of running in my group. I'm not going to speak for the rest of the group but I know I'm bad for not stretching post run. I know how much better I feel the next day if I do. I was laying in savasana couple of nights ago at the end of a yoga class reflecting on my week of exercise. Monday and Tuesday I was tired and achy from my previous day/

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