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How to Balance it Out

We all have busy lives, so how do we balance out the training with our personal lives is always a big concern for anyone considering training for large events.

5 ways to help balance it all.

Being extremely organized.

Jump on your phone or laptop, go into google calendars and organize your home and work life into your calendar first, then add your training schedule around it in a different color. Don’t forget to set up reminders, you can even share you calendar with your training partners.

Prepare your gear the night before.

By preparing your gear the night before, you take out the extra time it takes to decide what to wear and what to put in your pack. This is especially good if you are doing early morning training when you are tired. All you have to do is have your coffee, eat, potty time and head out the door.

Include your family in your training.

By including your family in some of your training it makes them feel included, gives you more time with them and ensures you are getting your X-training and lower heart rate workouts in. some great ideas are hiking, mountain biking, X-country skiing, swimming or road biking.

Meal plan and prep on Sundays for the week.

If you do your meal plan, shopping and prep on the weekend, when you are busy during the week it makes life much easier. There are lots of free meal planning programs on the internet that you can utilize to help your get organized.

Hire a Coach.

Hiring a coach is a great way to keep you training through the busiest times in your life. A coach can plan your workouts around your schedule so all you have to do is train. You will be surprised how much time it saves you by not having to plan your training. A coach will also be there with you through those times when you need to miss a workout due to sickness or life, helping you with emotional support and reassurance.

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