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Bucket List Runs & Races

Most Trail Runners

Have that small list of races and runs they'd love to do tucked away in the back of their mind.

Bucket List Races and Runs

Maybe it's an exotic location, extraordinarily long or it's just caught your eye. There is a few that come to my mind.

It doesn't have to be anything special just something YOU want to run.

Check It Out!

Rijani 100

Location: Lombok, Indonesia

As soon as I saw Indonesia I was in! Let's have a look at this race. Distances 27, 36, 60 and 100 kms. In addition to the classic route and famously brutal trail from Senaru to Segara Anak Lake before summitting majestic Rinjani, you will get to experience all new tracks cresting the many Sembalun hills, traversing ridges and valleys and the vast beautiful grassland, which merge together presenting breathtaking nature view that makes all the breathless steps worth it many times over..All of them have big vertical as you run up a volcano!!! The 100km has 9166m of elevation gain......WOWSERS! That's just over 30,000 feet. It also has a 90% DNF rate. Hmmm maybe I should really consider the 60km which is still 5324m of elevation gain and has a 75% DNF rate, I mean how bad can it be??

Fat Dog

Location: Manning Park, British Columbia

This is consider Canada's toughest ultra. Most scenic ultra race in Canada that is a challenging point to point race that straddles 3 stunning provincial parks in British Columbia, Canada in the Cascade Mountains. Just short of Everest for elevation gain; Fat Dog 120 mile is 8682 metres, Everest is 8848 metres.This race is considered one of the world's 9 toughest..

The 4 Deserts

Locations: Chile, Gobi Desert, Sahara and Antartica

The 4 Deserts is the world's leading rough-country endurance footrace series. A unique collection of world-class events that take place over 7 days and 250 kilometers in the largest and most forbidding deserts on the planet.

Competitors are challenged to go beyond the limits of their physical and mental endurance. Racing self-supported in the most inhospitable climates and formidable landscapes, they must carry all their own equipment and food and are only provided with drinking water and a place in a tent each night to rest.

Everest Marathon

Location: Mount Everest Base Camp

The world's highest marathon......I'm out of breath just thinking about it. 21, 42 and 60km distances.

The Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon is an international high altitude adventure sports event held from Mt. Everest Base Camp, criss crossing the high sherpa trails of Khumbu valley on May 29th every year. This event celebrates the historical ascent on Mt. Everest by Late Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary on 29th May 1953. This would be quite an experience!

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