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Don't Forget the RIGHT Underwear!

What are The RIGHT Underwear?

The Wrong Underwear can Make or Break Your Run.

The wrong underwear will turn your best run in the world into the worst, it's called chaffing folks, and it ain't pretty! It's all about the underwear. What works for me might not work for you as our bodies are all a little different. This goes for you guys too.....not just the ladies.

Never Wear Cotton

Cotton holds moisture, stretches and makes for the perfect conditions for chafing, blistering, etc. Underwear should be tight like a second skin and made of a moisture wicking material.

There are Exceptions to Every Rule

Some people are just prone to chafing, do not despair there is hope for you and it's called lube! Yup you read that right I said LUBE or glide.

I'm not talking KY but specially made lube for runners. Before your run apply it under your bra strap, underside of your arms, where the sun don't shine and off you go. It's a good idea to always keep some in your pack as it doesn't last for ever, on some of the longer runs you will need to re-apply.

You're Out on the Trail

You realized you have the wrong undies on, and you'll try anything to make it better. No body glide.......cherry chapstick has been tried with poor results as you quickly realize that stuff gets real sticky real quick, leaving with the only obvious choice, you've got to loose the underwear....

This is how you know your definitely wearing the wrong underwear! You also may get a little uncomfortable one day and in your rush to get ready for a run you realize that your underwear is on inside out and/or backwards, not that we know anyone this has happened to!! Luckily this is a quick fix however you'll be putting a show for your buddies on the trail!!

Lets Ask Cherry Commando

D: So Cherry, tell us repercussions of choosing the wrong undies and then compounding it by using cherry chapstick as body glide

CC: Well D the cherry chapstick worked really well for about 15 minutes, then it was back to chaffing city

D: Wow at least you had a refreshing 15 sweet minutes. What did you do after that?

CC: Ummmm well a friend suggested "oh for %^$$%@ take them off"

D: Take them off? weren't you running with others Cherry? How did you manage this?

CC: Well I found a giant stump, (I should have listened to my friend and taken off my shoes) but I didn't, so I hopped around pulling off one leg at a time falling on my ass in the stumps foliage, took them off and I hid them deep in my pack.

D: Wow that must have been an improvement.

CC:Things felt a little loosie goosie for awhile until I got used of it. I hiked them up nice and tight and it was great , UNTIL it started to rain I had to go into my pack to get my rain jacket and almost tossed my used sweaty, cherry chapstick panties on the trail.

D: Wow that must have been awkward. So Cherry what would you suggest to our readers out there.

CC: Oh God Im still trying to figure that out myself, carry glide for sure, and if you forget that ask a friend for some chapstick.

But please don't return it

D: Good advice, any final parting words

CC: Nope, I think enough has been said lol.

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