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How To Choose a Coach

What do you look for in a Coach?

Things to look for in a Coach would be about you first of all

  1. Identify what your needs are first off. What’s going on in your life? What your work, home, and other extra circular activities entail? What are your goals for racing and training? What are you realistically able to give time and emotionally into your training? These are important questions to ask when considering a Coach.

  2. What are you looking for? After identifying your needs, you can decide whether you are looking for a coach who is only online, or someone who is closer that can do one on one running days with or meet face to face.

  3. What is their back ground? What experience do they have with others and certifications? Do they have experience with someone like you and your chosen distance?

  4. What are their rates and what’s included in those rates?

  5. Philosophy and connection, you will want to know what their philosophy on training and life balance is. Having a great connection with your coach is key, there needs to be a good level of trust between you, you will be working together through some emotionally charged training and racing times. Will they work with you to ensure your running fits your life and will they adjust your training as life happens. Let’s face it life always happens and sometimes you need fluidity in your training.

  6. Availability. Is your coach available when you need them and what does that look like? Do you have the freedom to text, call, email or facetime? Training can be emotional and sometimes you just need to talk it out, is your coach available and amenable to this?

All in all, you want to feel comfortable and like your trainings going to get you where you want to be with your chosen coach. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions before you make your decision, personally as a coach I like a lot of question to make sure we are on the same page and a good fit for each other. Success, trust and fun is the key.

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