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Race Day Review

Race or Run?

On race day is it a race or is it a run? Is your goal to stand on that shiny podium accepting your bottle of wine or jar of jam like a pro?

Or are you out there to enjoy the views, take multiple selfies and laugh your ass off with a friend?

Asses off to You!

I recently had the pleasure to run a race with a friend, not to race it, but to run it for the fun. Wow what a different experience that was! Talk about laughing our asses off.. We chatted, we laughed, we enjoyed every step, finished strong and didn't have to fall over the finish line out of shear exhaustion.

What I Learned

I was nervous more than I realized to run a race this way. What if we aren't compatible? What if I hold her up or she holds me up? What if she's annoying (of course it can't be me lol)? What if it one of us gets injured? Trust me the list went on. What I learned is that all of that did pop into my head at some point during the race for a nano second and then was gone. Some of those things did happen but the support and care we gave each other out weighed any of my fears.

-She helped me with fueling

- I helped with pacing

-She had the best online dirty jokes

-I made phrases into 50's songs

-She picked me up when I fell and wouldn't move until she was sure I was ok

-I picked the line through the technical descent

-She pulled me through boring, painful, ground eating trail

Together we jockeyed back and forth on the trail leading each other to the glory of her first 50km race!!

Happy Happy Happy

I couldn't be happier with how our first race as a team went. This is amazing as we will be running for 7 days through the Alps together in September.