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Trail Safety

Lets Talk

As I'm dealing with an injury right now I haven't been running much at all. I have been out on my bike a little just to keep the crazy's away. I've been watching other runners, not creepily, and their habits. So let's talk some trail running safety and what the heck some road too!

Be aware out there.

There are wild animals out there MUCH bigger than you. Yes you are lower on the food chain than them too. If you live in bear or cougar (I'm not talking women over 40) country carry bear spray and bear bangers. I know it's called bear spray but it certainly could help in a close cougar encounter. See our other blog on bear safety here

Not Just Wildlife

Now it's not just animals to be aware of out there. Yes there are people to be aware of. You never know when you might run in to the wrong person when you're out running. I know we like to run with headphones for our favourite music but let's be safe and put only one headphone in.


1. Always bring your cell phone. You may not need it but someone else in your group might. If you're 10km from your vehicle and can't run or walk a phone will sure come in handy for a ride or help out of the trail.

2. Know you're route. Bring a map or again carry a cell phone. There are amazing free trail mapping apps to help you find your way like I highly recommend downloading this app to your phone.

3. Always tell someone where you're running and your route even if you're not running alone. At least they'll have somewhere to start looking for you.

4. Don't run alone. Ok I admit it I like to run alone on occasion but it's not a good idea especially out on the trails. Don't have many friends that run....join a running group as there are so many runners out there!

5. Know the possible dangers of the area. On the trails wildlife is the main concern but a runner in a city may have other people as their main concern. This will help you prepare for your run however it can also make every stick look like a snake LOL!

6. Bring some extra food in your pack as well as a small first first aid kit.

7. For you road runners out there please run facing traffic!

I see so many runners running with traffic with both headphones in regularly and you're asking for trouble. There's no way you'll see that car slightly veering off the road as they look at their cell phone. If you're running on the road wear bright and reflective colours as this makes you soooo much easier to see day or night. And just to let you know roadies to avoid cars altogether just hit the trails!!!


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