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Injuries! The Mental Struggle

Lets recap

After injuring my ankle in a race (for the 4th time) over a month ago, the mental struggle is starting to wear on me. I limped myself into the walk-in clinic just to see what kind of damage was done this time around. Yes you did it again! Stay off of it for AS LONG AS YOU CAN she says. Apparently she doesn't know me very well LOL.

Easier Said Then Done

I'm right in the middle of teaching a trail running clinic, they need me to lead, how can I teach without running, I'm training for a big race, all of this and more went through my head. Luckily I have great trail leaders that took over the running part for me and talked me through the 'I must run' moments. Through self talk I reminded myself, it's a great break for you to get rested and when you can run think of how great you will feel. While the rest has done my body good, the back and forth mental struggle of having the time off right in the middle of race and training season not so good.

Listen to your own Advice

If one of my runners came to me with the same issues, the conversation would go something like this. "You are strong, you've done the training, you will not loose that much fitness, the time off will be good for you, lets focus on other things like core and strength, you can still ride, and last but not least, this will be good for your mental training".... Wow I give great advice! Why is it so hard to listen to your own advice? I believe in all of that and it is good for me but the crazy talking little voices (there are a few) in the back of my head will not shut up!!!!

I had a Dream

I had a dream the other night that I was back to running and I was like a deer. Bounding over trees, rocks and roots with my feet hardly touching the ground. It felt so effortless and good. Then I woke up and went for my first run after a month off..... Rather than bounding like a deer I was plodding and pounding like some forest beast, dragging my heavy feeling body over those roots and rocks, cursing the tree stump feeling legs lol.

It's All Good

It's all good though as I've been back to running for 10 days now and it's amazing. It's hard getting back at it but I'm just happy to be here. And yes the time off did me good!

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