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Gear - The Right Shoe

There are so many brands and options out there for trail running shoes I'm not sure where to begin? I will say unless you really know your feet and fit buy from a running shoe store that has knowledgeable staff.


1. Do you pronate or are you a neutral runner? This is the first step in buying a shoe.

2. Do you like some padding in your shoe or prefer a minimalist type? Or something in between?

3. Do you need or like an aggressive tread pattern?

4. Do you like pretty colours or.........I'm kidding don't buy running shoes cause they're pretty!

5. Do you like a stiffer shoe for more support?

6. Need more venting for hot feet?

7. Water proof?

8. Bigger toe box for your Fred Flinstone feet? (that's me)

You won't be asked these questions in a big box store. Visit a local running shop like The Starting Block in Vernon bc

When buying shoes I'm going to tell you right now that your feet will like the most expensive shoes you try on. I don't know why this happens but always happens to me? However don't cheap out, buy the expensive ones cause when you're out for your long run your feet will thank you.

One other tip I can say is to buy your shoes half or a full size too big. There's nothing like black toe nails from your toes hitting the front of your shoes. I have them right now! I know you wanted to see a pic so here you go!!! LOL

Some of my friends have a running shoe problem.......yup they own 10 pairs! You know who you are!

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