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What Do You Look For in a Race?

What does one want from a race?

When I'm searching for a race I usually look a distance and location.

I don't mind traveling to a race, but if I have to travel then I want it to be on my Bucket list.

I love getting a t-shirt and end of race food as well. I'm usually so hungry at the finish that I could chew my own arm off.

The last thing that I want to do is have to leave the race to go eat stinky or have to wait to eat until after I shower.

My Perfect Race

My perfect race would be a well marked course, great fully stocked aid stations, friendly helpful aid support, an event like atmosphere, and yummy after run food thats included in my race fee and a sweet T to proudly wear the second after I shower.. Oh yah and being on the podium would be super nice too lol.

Paying Up

I personally don't mind paying a higher race fee to ensure that I get the things I like. This may not be the case for everyone.

Tell Me What You Think

Would you rather have a bit of a higher race fee that includes good food and drinks, swag , prizes and great aid stations? Or would you prefer to have a lowered race fee and choose the food and shirt as an add on? Or maybe just have the race fee and no option of all the other things? Other than an Aid station.

Perfect For You

I want to hear what you have to say, so tell me what your perfect race experience would be.


Get ready cuz there is a new race coming to town!! Yah Buddy