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Worst Race Ever.......

Have you had your WORST RACE EVER. You've trained for months and put on what feels like a million miles! You've cross trained. Ate a great diet. Bought all the gear. And all the sudden it's race day and it's gone to SHIT and most of it is out of your control. So many things can go wrong..........

So take a look at what went wrong and think about what you can do next time to prevent it altogether and learn from it.


This is one of those out of your control things. However maybe next time you should come better prepared with more gear. Who doesn't love to buy more running gear!!! I've been in the pouring rain for 50km without the right gear. That'll never happen again!


Well you know your body and what food it likes. I'm not talking about what food you like but what your body likes and processes easily especially before a race. So maybe stay away from the Indian buffet the night before a might be this guy!!


I've done this too. So important right before the race and during to keep up your nutrition and hydration. Muscle fatigue, cramping, etc. is no fun at all when you've got 20km left in your race.


Do not test out new gear on race day! Those shiny new shoes that felt so great in the store have given you some great big blisters or those new undies have rubbed you raw in all the wrong places! Test your gear multiple times before race day.

So think about that worst race ever you had and learn something from it. I have had a few bad races. Unfortunately they're the ones I will always remember the best.

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