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Phantom Injuries

OMG I think I might be injured!

Has this ever happened to you?

You've done all the training, your feeling fatigued yet strong, and you feel a twinge!

What! am I injured? how did this happen?

Im pretty sure this has happened before 90% of the race that I have run.I freak out every single time because each time it's real, I'm really injured this time!


Race Pressure All the weeks, months of training are about to come together for the big goal. One of the ways we relieve pressure is by giving ourselves an excuse or an out why we can't do it. If we’ve put in all the training, then the only option left for us to not perform how we want to is an injury, or that’s what we’re subconsciously rationalizing.

Ways to let go of the pressure.

Look back and your training, you've done it, your ready

Review the race course and create a plan

Focus on what yo can control

Talk to other runners and blow off steam

Use this time to get your mind right! Nothing will help you more on race day than having worked through ways you’ll handle obstacles and visualizing your ultimate goal.


Anxiety causes tension,Tension reduces oxygen flow to the muscles, and reduced oxygen flow to the muscles cause inflammation!!!!

See it's real....

The Taper

Once yo start your Taper, your body and immune system go into over drive, repairing the tiny tears in your muscles that with rest are now able to begin fully repairing and rebuilding to give you the power you’re seeking on race day.

With your system working hard you are more susceptible to illness and injury. Find ways to reduce the stress, get a massage, have lots of epsom salt baths and drink lots of water and electrolytes.


Well as you can see the niggles and fake injuries are normal and there is a real reason for them as we taper. So enjoy the rest get your head on straight and get ready to Rumble...


With all that said, if you are feeling a totally new pain? Has this not ever hurt before, is there swelling or a change of gait? Go and see the DOC!