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WHY I Run??

Well that's a loaded question. Sooo many answers, I don't know where to begin. I'll go over a few.


I started with a learn to run group and they helped me run my first 10km. From there I somehow went to 25km, road marathons and ultra trail races. If I look back and reflect on my training, I don't how I went from a 10km to Ultra-running. I love to eat. It's my skinny pill. This allows me to EAT! And runners like donuts.

Dawna loves DONUTS!!


I love the social part of running. The unfortunate part for me is running is a female dominated sport and ask any of my running friends....I've become just one of the girls on the trail!! Out on trail we talk about everything (yes about you LOL). We don't judge each other on the trail as we're all in it together when out on a run.


Running gives me time to think, reflect, ponder, clear my head or just think about nothing. Time to plan another race, a vacation or something special. Running can make a bad day great, and a great day better!


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