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Dirty and Disgusting

As a trail runner I can say that I have all of these dirty and disgusting habits! If you really don't want to know how gross we runners are just stop reading now!


Plug one nostril with your finger, blow and let the boogers fly! Yes you read that right. For some runners the sinuses can just start flowing on some runs or it could also be allergies. Carrying Kleenex is out of the question so what do you do.................SNOW ROCKET. It's quick and easy. I have a few friends that just can't seem to do this. They say they're too lady like but I would have to disagree!! I've seen their other habits! I may give lessons on this at our next clinic!!


Yes we spit too. Another side effect of the runny nose. Even some of those that won't perform the Snot Rocket will spit. This is easy and quickly done. Just try and not spit on the person near you.


We also pee in public. Men are a little less conspicuous doing this as we will sometimes just stand at the side of the trail and go....Especially at races......I've done it with runners going by. Most ladies like to let the rest of the group go ahead and they'll hide behind a tree. This is much easier to do on a trail run than the road. Pee spots can be few and far between when running on the road hence I just stick with the trails.


When you run long distance you eat during your run. Try not to get your hands mixed up and use this little bit of advice. Eat with your right hand and wipe your nose, snow rocket, pee, poop with your left. Really try and not get them mixed up. I know I do....yes I'm gross too!


Thought I would save this for last. Yes we poop on the trail. Running for me unfortunately puts my digestion into high speed and I'm guaranteed to poop on least once. Even for us guys this event needs a little more privacy so when you let the group go ahead so you can do your business try remember if the trail loops around and they don't get to so your big white butt!! Unfortunately yes this is a true story. So if you're ever on the trail with me and you have to go I always have toilet paper!!! LOTS!!

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