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Getting Back on the Running Wagon

Well summer is over and you've been enjoying treats, cocktails, beers, beach days, lazy days, etc, etc. It's time to start running but it's SO HARD. You've slacked off for too long and getting back to where you were in the spring is going to take some work.

Your running friends are great people to help you get back out there. They won't judge but they'll tell you the truth. It's also so much easier to get back out the on a regular routine with friends. Suffering and misery is much better with company!! LOL

Join a running group or sign up for a clinic. Oh clinic great idea like Bush Babes!!! They can hold you accountable. The thing with me if I pay for a clinic I don't miss a class so I feel this is a great idea to get back out there.

Start with an easy goal. Like I'm going to run 5km twice this week. Maybe 3 times next week or maybe up the distance a little. Don't set big goals like I'm running 25km this weekend and then I'll be back at it. You'll probably come with an excuse not to run that far or even at all. Baby steps my friends. Baby steps.

Buy some new running gear. Yup you heard me. Who doesn't love new running gear and the opportunity to go and try it out?

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