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Cross Training

This is one of those things I've talked and talked and talked about doing. I mountain bike a little in the summer and snowshoe, ski and snowboard in the winter but what am I doing to make myself a stronger runner? Do I really need to cross train?

I have a couple of trail running friends that cross train regularly, yup they go to the gym. Guess what? They're strong runners!

Once again do I really need to cross train? Well if you're happy where you're at with running then no, but if you want to become a stronger runner then the answer is YES!

This means you need to go to the gym. No not the gym!!! This means working out inside. I'm a trail runner oh the horror!! Like I said I'm like you and only talked about going to the gym. But I need to get my ass in there. I'm not saying just the gym as those other sports you love are cross training too!

You may be wondering what kind of workout should I do? I have no idea. Like hiring a running coach or trainer you can hire a trainer at the gym to help you with a program to make you that stronger runner you only dreamed of!!

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