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It Was a great Idea at the time

Have you ever had this oh so fantastic idea that seems so amazing at the time, then the reality is a weee bit different? Still fun and amazing but a really big suffer fest too.

The Transalpine run was an amazing experience... You should definitely put the TransAlpine on your bucket list. The course and views are epic, the racers fun and friendly, and the Staff great to deal with.

before I sign up for a race I look at the course maps, elevation, amount of climbing and so forth. You can read that you will run 30-55 km a day, and climb 2400-3400 meters a day, BUT the reality of how difficult that is is a completely different story...

AAAND what that climbing and descending will look like is another reality check.

I went mentally prepared (I thought) but the truth is nothing can prepare you for the rugged beauty of the Alps except experience.. It is stunning and scary all at once.

The elation that I felt at the top of a massive climb, where I got to gaze around at the scenery looking down at the decent we were about to take is indescribable.

I am truly in awe of the Europeans we saw gallivanting along these death edges with they're children going to have a family day, as I'm clinging to ever rock was very humbling. In Canada I'm pretty sure I have never seen this, nope I'm really sure I haven't....


I am training for my next big race. As I do this I scour the internet fo information and images of this race.

I want to make sure I know exactly what I am getting myself into to try to minimize the surprises and train appropriately.

Knowledge of and training for the terrain is the key for any race, especially an ultra or multi day.

Knowing what you are up against, physically and mentally will help you enjoy the beauty and endure the suffering.

There is a certain kind of strength that can only come from suffering...

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