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Winter Cross Training

Winter is almost here and in no time the snow will be DEEEEP! For now I know it's cold but the trails are still in amazing shape. Let's hope the snow holds off a little longer. Even with a little snow on the trails running can be great with some spikes for your shoes. Check out our previous blog on what we recommend. 

Well once the snow comes and unfortunately it will, it might be time to think of some cross training once it gets too deep. 

What do I do?

My favorite winter cross training is snow shoeing. You certainly don't get the miles in you do with running so when snow shoeing for cross training it's all about time. You can even train on the hills too. You thought running up a long hill was hard try breaking in a fresh trail up a hill with a foot of new snow. Way harder than running! 

What do you need for snow shoes? Well not the ones pictured on the left above, just leave those in the garage forever!! Think of your snow shoes like a great pair of running shoes. Light weight with great tread. Some hiking boots or winter running shoes go good with them as well as some gators. 

What else? Well I've been told cross country skiing is great but I've yet to try. There's classic and skate skiing. I think I will this winter and that will give me a chance to write another blog about that.

Stay warm out there and enjoy the snow free trails while they last. I know I am!!!