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Ultra Training Through Menopause #2

 Hair Loss

What the heck is with the menopausal hair loss? I thought that the hair loss was due to being ill after a race, but when it didn't seem to be slowing down I had to look at other reasons.

I checked my thyroid, iron levels, adrenals and and and... Nope Menopause!

Hats are my new best friend, my ponytail and braid are so small I have to wrap a baby hair band around the end lol.. Cry, laugh, cry, mad oh crap here we go JK!


What I really should be saying is, Peri Menopause.

You are not considered to be in menopause until you have missed your period for 1 year.

I think for a lot of us, we go to our doctors and say we think we are in menopause.  The answer is usually the same, you are too young. I am 49 so what I should be saying to my health care professional is,"I think I'm in Peri Menopause!!

A lot of the symptoms are the same, they just seem to come and go. As we get older they don't go quite as often as they come.


Thats all I can say is phft whatever lol.

We can do this lady's, as any athlete knows there is always some sort of suffering in training and racing.  Let's look at this a a new technique for training us how to endure and suffer, so we will put our heads down and push through like we do.

I have received a number of emails with questions and suggestions for other women out there.  Here are a few suggestions.

Please keep in mind, I am not a health care provider and these are a collection of suggestions from our readers 

- like I mentioned early, ask about peri menopause symptoms and ways to deal with them

- extra caffeine right before exercise

- don't exercise to late (sleep)

- seek out a naturopath

- everyones normal for hormone levels are different, find your normal

- try going Vegan (this has worked well for a few of our readers, I like meat to much to try this)

- a book called ROAR, I haven't read this yet but I intent to

- don't be shy, talk to your female friends about all your weird symptoms and asks questions.

Only You

Only you truly know your body. Most female athletes are very in tune with what is normal for them.  If you aren't feeling like you are getting sufficient answers keep looking, keep asking, but most of all keep moving. Do not give up on your chosen athletic endeavours, we will come through this together

I love to hear from our reads. Please continue to ask questions and send in advice to share with others.  We are put here to help one another

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