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Training Through Perimenopause #3

The Battle

I know you have heard this phrase many times before but, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL PEOPLE!!

I sometimes feel like I'm at war with my own body! It's behaving badly and doesn't listen to what I want it to do.

I want to sleep at night but my body wants to party, shouting shower, shower (night sweats). I want to be awake and lively during the day, my body say's "no you should have a nap, you are drooling"lol.

I'm giving you a time out, go to the corner you naughty body....


The way I choose to deal with this is humor, potato chips, and continuing to train. I don't use the trail to get all my negative woo's out, instead I use it to laugh with friends about the most resent crazy perimenopause ish thing (peeing my pants again) that has reared it's ridiculous head.

Google Calendar

I am using google calendar to plan out my training more than ever before. I go month by month, setting up alerts so when I'm feeling fatigued I can read my schedule, go on auto pilot and run.

Here's a few other ways I use to keep on top of my training when the Peribug bites me.

-Schedule your workout with a friend, trust me you won't cancel on someone else who is counting on you.

-Take each workout for what it is that day. Meaning, you may feel like that was the worst hill training session ever BUT, you still did it, still made gains (even if you walked them).

-Try not to use you runs to voice all your negative feelings. get them out swiftly, then drop it and focus on the run, your breathing anything that helps shift your mood. It's easy to get caught in the negativity wheel and subconsciously you may not look forward to those hard hills or long runs. You don't want your body to start relating running with negativity instead of positivity.

-Drink allllll the caffeine, that's right all of it. I'm not a pop drinker, I like coffee myself, if coke is your caffeine of choice dooooo it!! Even if it is first thing in the morning, it helps immensely.


Please keep in mind, these are things that work for me. I am in no way a medical professional or physiologist. I'm just a fellow ultra running trying to train through a difficult phase of my life, sharing my meanderings.

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