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Training Through Perimenopuase #4

Practice What You Preach

This week was to be a big training week...

I was so pumped, felt great at the beginning all the way to Thursday.

Face meet wall!! I took Friday off and Saturday was meant to be a 4:30 hour run. I woke up 6 pounds heavier,(tell me this has happened to you) legs of lead and ZERO motivation.

I got out there did the first hour, met up with a very understanding friend and drug my very heaving feeling legs, and mopping attitude around for another 2 hrs, then gave up.

Then Sunday I was to race a 21km trail race, this did not go as planned. Again, face meet wall...

At first I was super disappointed in myself for not getting my entire training day in, and having what I felt was a crappy race. But after a glass of wine, standing in front of the mirror in my underwear looking at the water weight I had put on, I started to cry, then laugh cry, then finally just laugh.

I was like "seriously, what is your problem? Get over yourself". Instead of looking at what you didn't do, how about looking at what you did do. A 3 hr run/hike, annnnd a 21 km not easy trail race, give your head a shake woman, seriously.


As I have said before, I have decided to look at this peri-menopause thing with self love (sometimes I have to remind myself of this one) and humour, rather than self loathing and bitching....

So, here's some humour I will share with you. To start off where did these hairs on my chin come from??? How do you go to bed with normal facial hair and wake up with a 2 inch hair on your chin? WTH lol, my husband must have seen it and why didn't he tell me?

Yes I may pee a little when I laugh, Have uncontrollable moments of tears because the last banana chocolate chip muffin was eaten (I don't even like bananas), and lose my shit because the fork got stuck in the FN dish washer silver ware rack AGAIN, and pout because the coffee my husband brought to me while I sit on my ass, isn't flavoured right hahahahah (his fault not mine lol).

Itchy, Bitchy, Sweaty, Sleepy, Bloaty, Teary, Forgetful and Psycho are all me. I am these women, so I will learn to embrace them as an important part of me, remembering I am also, Loving, Giving, Forgiving, Happy, Cheery, Witty, Funny (well I crack me up anyhow), Encouraging, and Supportive.

Embrace It All

I am all the things I love and hate about myself, and who's to say those things are negative anyhow. Through this process, I am trying to learn not to push them away, rather acknowledge them, look at them, give them a big ol' squishy, maybe teary, or angry hug lol, reminding myself that every part of my many personalities is worthy of understanding, kindness and love.

Again I just want to say, all of this is from my point of view as a female Ultra runner just trying to wade through it all!

Ok enough blah blah mad, happy, love ,cry, let's go for a run!