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Community That Supports

Starting a new business in your community can be daunting,

surrounding yourself with supportive people makes all the difference.

The Natures Fare family has opened they're opened their arms not only to the Bush Babes & Bro's crew, but to all our clinic members all year. It has been such an amazing experience for our team and all of our runners.

Every Saturday we all funnel down to Natures Fare right off the trail, dirty, sweaty, jonesing for coffee, we take over they're bistro and they do not disappoint. With Coffee, tasty treats, and cool samples we have been spoiled and loved every moment of it.

Natures Fare is one of our Silver Sponsors and you will be testing their tasty gluten free treats at the Freaky Creeky 50 and the Kal Park Aqua Terra.

The Family

When our family started Nature’s Fare Markets way back in 1993, our goal was pretty simple. Build a place for people just like us who love healthy organic food. Of course, that goal hasn’t always been so easy, but after over twenty years of unrelenting encouragement from our amazing customers and the support from our friends, partners and the farmers we love, we have made a real community – we’ve created a place we can all call home.

That journey inspires us everyday to ensure that every single item we carry in our stores has been handpicked only after a lot of very careful evaluation. If any product doesn’t meet our high standards of quality, we just don’t carry it. It’s that simple. And that’s why our customers keep coming back. Our little idea has now spread to seven communities across British Columbia offering a welcome place to buy the healthiest natural and organic foods, a location to meet new friends, and an opportunity to build a better world together.

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