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Don't Be Afraid!

As many of you know I teach Trail Running Clinics.

One of The biggest hurdles that I come across is fear. Fear of not being able to keep up, fear of not being a good enough runner, fast enough, talented enough, and that absolute biggest fear 'HOLDING OTHER PEOPLE UP'.

I put these words in shouty letters because even now with all my many years of trail running I still occasionally struggle with that particular fear.

Fear Is The Destroyer of All

Misgivings and fear is perfectly normal reactions to new situations, it's how we deal with those feelings that will make or break your experience when you are learning to run, or advancing your fitness and knowledge in trail running.

You come to a clinic to learn new techniques, become fitter and run with a group of like minded people. Key words there are learn and like minded! Most of the people around you are feeling the same way you are.

Band Together

I have found the quickest way to overcome these fears is to remember that nobody is watching what you are doing, (except for your coaches) focus on the new technique you are learning that day, go at your pace, find someone in the group at your pace and band together with them, helping yourself and those around you to feel more comfortable.

It won't take you long to come to the realization that you are all in the same boat and you are actually enjoying yourselves, while

learning and suffering together..

Well more joy than suffering, but I'm not going to lie! Suffering will be involved.

Remember to just Breathe, Relax and Run


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