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Gear - Hydration Pack


It's essential to keep going on the trail. Finding the pack that's works best for your body and needs is ultra important!

What to Consider

The first thing a runner needs to consider is the hydration pack I'm buying designed for running? There are lots out there that may be more suited to mountain biking or hiking. If you buy a pack that isn't specific to running you can end up with the dreaded bounce!

Running packs are designed to fit snug to your body and they don't bounce and give you the rub rash that makes you jump in the shower. The pack bounce while running is the worst.

I've never had one that bounces but I've watched a few runners that thanks! Your pack should feel like it becomes part of you when you find the right fitting one.

What Size Pack Do I Need?

This all depends on what length of runs and race you do and how much you need to be able to carry.

Packs come in various sizes, you may be running 50km or more and need to be self supported which would mean you're going to need a 12 or maybe even up to a 25 litre pack. There are also great smaller packs in the 4 litre range on the market which are great for those shorter shorter lets says under 25km.

Pockets and Zippers

Easy access to your storage compartments is key!

While you're running being able to grab something quick on the move without having to take off your pack is key. For those of you that run in areas where you might run into bears having easy access to your bear spray is IMPORTANT! Make sure you're pack has a pocket in the front for it.


Most packs come with a bladder and hose to drink from.

They range in size from 500 ml and up, with other packs that come with soft or hard flasks that fit into pockets, these packs typically also fit a bladder that can be purchased separately. On really long runs 2 litres may not be enough, especially in the summer, so you may bring some soft flasks as well as a full bladder.

Packs vs. Waist Belt

Do I really need a pack? Not necessarily.

If you're not running/racing more than 10km and there are aid stations, you can get away with a waist belt or a hand held. They will typically hold about 500ml of fluid and you can fit a couple of snacks in it.

There are tons to choose from

In the end it it comes down to what feels the most comfortable for you

Do you research, ask your running buddies, try them on and jump around before you buy.

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