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Trail vs Road Runner

Let Me Begin

By saying that I love to trail run! I hate, really loath road running..

Now don't jump all down my throat, there is merit to running the road. You can just walk out your door at anytime and go, you don't have to drive to where you want to start, road shoes are way prettier than trail shoes and my personal favourite, everyone can see your cool matchy matchy outfits.

Road Block

As soon as I get on the road all I can think of is wahhahh, my feet hurt, its hot, I'm thirsty, its sooo far, I can see like forever and it looks so far away, it repeats like a record skipping over and over in my head lol.

Not to mention the cars! You don't realize how many cars are out there and how fast they drive until you run the road. And how about those people who don't come to a full stop when your running across the cross walk? They just keep very slowly rolling over that chuncky white crossing line just to see if you will dodge around them. Your taking your life into your hands people!!

Mental Blocks

Seriously it's some weird mental block that I have to get over.

Most races have portions of paved or gravel road sections that I clearly can't sneak my way around. What am I going to do? How can I get past this debilitating can't run the road problem?

Frienship Revue

My road running issue has transformed into mocking my friends when I see them run the road, and putting our friendship up for review for this most hanies behaviour. I mean come on why are they running the road (and they didn't invite me) instead of the beautiful, quite, amazing trails where they can wear totally not matching outfits or socks. Where they can safely pop a squat at the drop of a hat, instead of running into a strangers yard and hoping their dogs barking doesn't wake them to catch you pee beside their hedge.


Clearly I need road running therapy and I know there are a few of you out there who can help me through this.

But on a serious note, why can I not wrap my head around road running? I mean its running and I love running.

There has to be some hope for me to get over this ridiculous road block, road block see what I did there lol 😝. It's probably something simply like go run the road until you love it isn't it???

I'll start small, I'll look at the road from out my window while I drink my morning coffee then head out for a trail run. I mean you don't want to rush these things right?

To all my road running friends, I love ya you crazy buggers, be safe out there.


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