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5 Winter Running Mistakes You Should Avoid

Forgetting Your Gloves:

This has happened to me, twice. Running in really cold weather is TOUGH but running with cold digits? REALLY tough. Both times that I forgot my gloves I spent so much time focused on how cold my hands were that I couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

Not Bringing a Coat to the Start Line:

When I was gearing up for my first winter race I was obsessed with the details–how many layers I would wear, which type of hat to wear etc. Meanwhile I didn’t even realize that I could simply take my coat with me, put it in bag check and grab it when I was done. (This especially applies to city runners who take the drive to races!)

REALLY check the weather:

Seeing a temperature that might be manageable–may not be so manageable with the wind chill factored in. Don’t take the obvious temperature of the day for granted–check the real feel for the wind chill adjustment!

Bring a change of clothing if you can:

Last year it was a Very miserable ride back home in my very cold and wet race clothes. You might be able to ride home in your race clothes in the spring, summer or fall but in the winter it is a totally different and highly uncomfortable story.

Don’t underestimate your layers:

There are many different brands that make winter specific clothing but you really need to try and see what makes you feel good. I didn’t believe *any* piece of clothing could protect me from the cold but the technology is definitely there.


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